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Artist Biography



Dimarc is a contemporary artist with a very unique style of mixing varies techniques into his modern abstract design.

Dimarc's paintings are remarkably rich in visual and textural elements that truly become apparent when viewed in person. His work creates a powerful impression of depth and movement, as well as a strong sense of light and balance within his compositions.

Quietly powerful, dimarc's paintings offer us a pause for reflection while at the same time his vibrant energetic brushstrokes make a very compelling statement.

After several years traveling the world, dimarc has met many people from different cultures and backgrounds creating a complete view and overall understanding of humanity. Art has helped dimarc to express his humane and cultural experiences in a special way, that's the reason you see so many different styles and techniques in his work.

Dimarc feels that painting is one of the most beautiful forms of love. When he paints, he starts to express the love through the movements creating an unexpected and unique piece of art that connects his energy with the viewer .

"It's all about the energy and love." - dimarc

"I enjoy exploring the multiple layers beneath the surface of my paintings.
 Each layer of paint is like a veil, revealing prior layers underneath. Its very exciting to see after it's completed. Thank you all for the love for art, it's truly appreciated by every artists heart."
- dimarc